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                               Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How do I reserve my Maine Coon kitten?

   We do NOT have a waiting list, however though we do have quite a high demand of families wanting our kittens, and watching our Facebook & website, so once we post kittens as
available, at that time please fill out a kitten application, once we approve it, then you will have 24 hours to make the reserve, (if you need a bit longer please let me know) we try not to keep everyone else waiting, and I do try to email/call everyone back asap, hence the 24 hours timeframe.

   Once a kitten is posted as Available, at that time, you can submit a kitten application, once we have approved it, we will then move forward with the reserve.  The reserve is half the cost of the kitten ($250 of that is a non-refundable deposit), the reserve needs to be paid via Zelle, or Venmo app, or cash. The reserve needs to be paid within 24 hours upon letting us know which kitten you are wanting to get, if you need a bit longer please let me know :) .   The remaining last half will need to be paid in cash upon pickup of the kitten, or 3 days before pickup of the kitten if paying via Western Union, (local pickup only),  if shipping please see #4 below.   won


    Once we have determined that you are a good fit for one of our babies, then we can go further with the deposit. A $250 non-refundable deposit is to hold your spot on our deposit waiting list for a future kitten from one of our litters, if you are wanting multiple kittens please do separate applications and one deposit for each kitten. If you choose to pay extra on the deposit it will be added and deducted from the total price of the kitten(s).  To put down a deposit you can mail a check to me Katrina Brown, pay via Money Gram, Walmart-Walmart or WesternUnion.

      If you are the first person to put a deposit on a litter, you will have first choice of the kittens available for adoption from that litter, second deposit on a litter then you will get second choice, and so on.  You must choose a kitten within 3 days of my notifying you of available kittens, if there is not a kitten you would like in that litter then we will move the deposit to the next litter, and then contact the next person in line. If we have not heard back from you via email or phone call, after we have emailed and/or left voicemails, after 3 litters of kittens have passed and we have attempted to reach you and haven't gotten any response, we will move you off of our waiting list.  If we have not heard back from you after a year, or all of our dams have had a litter of kittens, with no response from you it will forfeit your deposit.

     Once you have chosen the kitten you want, then half the cost of the kitten needs to be paid, via cash, Moneygram, or WesternUnion.  The remaining last half will need to be paid in cash upon pickup, or via Moneygram before kitten is pickup or see #4 for shipping.

    Deposits are non-refundable unless cancelled by the breeder.

    We reserve the right to first choose any kitten from any litter for our breeding program.

    Please Note: Once a buyer has selected a kitten their deposit/reserve is not transferable and does not roll over to another kitten or litter.    We expect buyers to pickup their kitten on the scheduled day and the time they specified.  If the buyer does not pick up their kitten on their scheduled date and time, then the buyer will forfeit their monies and the kitten will be made available and be sold to another buyer.

2. What is the cost of one of your kittens?

    Currently our Maine Coon kittens are pet priced between $1600 - $2300.    Each kitten comes with insurance, a health guarantee, CFA, TICA or ACFA papers upon proof of spaying or neutering, mothers blanket and up to date on shots.  Each kitten will be sold with a spray/neuter Kitty Contract/Agreement.  I will require the Kitten Application to be filled out before, a contract/agreement is signed.  

    All of our breeding cats have been directly imported from either Russia or the Ukraine.  We have had all the parents tested/screened and shown negative for HCM, SMA, PK'Def, Poly KD, PRA, FIV & FeLV. 

    I reserve the right to cancel the sale of a kitten at anytime for any reason and will refund the deposit/ and or any monies at that time.

3. When can I pick my kitten up? 

    Kittens are typically available to be picked up between 12 and 14 weeks, of course this also depends on if mom's ready for kittens to leave, or if something else arises up. Once the kittens are around 4-7 weeks old is when we evaluate kittens and price them, that is when you will be able to choose a kitten you would like to adopt, half of the kitten price needs to be paid minus  any deposits already paid at that time, this can be done with Zelle, Venmo app or Western Union only (or cash in person at that time). 

   At the time of pickup, the remaining balance due for the kitten(s), will be need to be paid in cash.

   When your kitten leaves we will be sending you their medical record showing the dates of the veterinarian visits, shots and de-worming. We will also be sending home with you enough food to last you for 2-3 days in order to allow you time to purchase the same kitty food or to use it to wean the kitten onto what you will be feeding. You will not receive the paperwork to register your kitten until I receive the receipt/invoice from your vet that shows/states the kitten has been spayed/neutered, we will also call them to verify they have been spayed/neutered. 

     Upon arrival to pick up kitten please have a cat carrier available to safely transport your kitten, we also do live within 10 minutes of Petsmart, & Target where you can buy one to transport the kitty in, no carrier no kitty, no exceptions.  Please let us know if you are unable to keep an appointment time, or 


4. I live out of state?

    Shipping cost is between $450-$700 when available (in continental U.S.). That price can vary depending on when the kitten is being shipped.  Pet Carrier, Health certificate from vet, etc. would be in the $450-$700 cost, this would be with a courier in cabin airline, depending on location.   Shipping cost plus final balance are due 2-3 weeks prior to the date your kitten(s) can be shipped, and must be paid via MoneyGram/Zelle/Venmo app.  We have to coordinate with the airlines and veterinarians for certificates so the flight must be paid for in that time frame.  

    Another option is for you to fly into the Ann Arbor, Michigan or Toledo Ohio airport, we can meet you there with the kitten and you can return home on the next flight.


5. What does the kitten come with?

     Kitten insurance, health guarantee, registration papers upon proof of being neutered or spayed, (provides us a copy of the veterinarian's invoice) by no later than 6 months of age, we will mail out the registration papers, you will receive either CFA or TICA or ACFA registration papers.

6. Do you offer a health guarantee?

    We do offer a limited health guarantee as part of the sales contract and in order for this to remain intact you will be required to have your kitten screened and checked by your vet within 72 hours of leaving our home. All of our Mom's and Dad cats are tested for HCM, SMA, PK'D, and are all negative.   Our cats are regularly tested for FeLV and FIV and all kittens will be negative when they leave our home. All our breeding Maine Coons are tested and are negative/negative for both diseases prior to breeding.  

7. How big do Maine Coons get? 

    Maine Coons take 3 years to reach their full size and 5/6 years for their full looks.  Once they reach 3 years old you can expect that your cat is as large as it is going to get.  


8. How should I introduce my new kitten to our home?

    The ride home, new faces and a new home can be overwhelming for your kitten. He or she will adjust much better if allowed to do so slowly. We suggest putting the kitten in a bathroom or small quiet room with it's bed, food, water, a litter box and some toys.  Let him/her stay in there for a couple of  days until he/she has adjusted to that room and the new faces coming and going.  Over the next few days bring him/her out into the living areas for 20 minutes to an hour at a time, but remember, he/she is a kitten and there is a lot of changes going on for him/her. Usually within a week he/she will have adapted enough to start journeying out.  If you have other pets this process will allow them to adjust to scents and noises of the other before meeting face to face. I recommend to leave the carrier the new kitten came in, in like the living room to allow the other pets in the house to smell it and get used to the new smell.   Take it slow and easy with the face to face and they should love each other in the end.

9. What if I need help?

    We are always available as a resource with any questions that you might have. ...AND we always love to see updated pictures of your baby!!

10.  Do you Show your cats? 

    Yes we will be showing some of our breeding cats, and will update any title changes or awards they win.

11. Can we visit your cattery?-- Updated June 18. 2018

     This is our personal home that we raise the Maine Coons in, due to health we do not allow random visits to our home, we can FaceTime/Skype with you so that you can see the kitten in action, however when it is time for the kitten to go to their new furrever homes, you are welcome to come inside our home, and pickup the kitten.  We upload kitten videos and add to that's kittens litter page weekly, so you can see each kitten.

12. Have plants in the house??  some are bad for cats

     Please view http://petpoisonhelp.wpengine.com/poisons/  

this gives you a list of bad plants for cats.

13. General info -- Updated June 18. 2018

    Due to increase in pricing of cat food, litter, toys, bedding, cat trees, insurance, vet bills, etc, our kitten prices may also increase. Pricing or availability dates subject to change without notice.  Terms and Conditions are also subject to change.   Shipping is not being offered right now, when and if we do ship kittens, we will update this page.   

      Updated: Jan 01, 2019

Kitten Deposits waiting lists are not being offered at this time

Kitten Deposits waiting lists are not being offered at this time

Kitten Deposits waiting lists are not being offered at this time

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