Cat Toys & Things


Scratcher Cat Toy

cat toy triangle

Triangle Cat Toy

cat toy circle

Circle Cat Toy

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cat tunnel

3 Way Cat Tunnel

Round Play and Squeak cat toy

Play and Squeak

cat toy mice

Cat Mice Toy

#3 favorite toy

followed very closely with the pink pong balls


Mouse Cat Toy


Squeacky Mouse Cat Toy


Non Cat Nip Lamb


Non Cat Nip Duck


Non Cat Nip Beaver


Non Cat Nip Bears


Non Cat Nip Stump w/


Non Cat Nip Shrimp


Wand Dancer

cat toy birds

Cat Bird Toy

Kitten Toy bag balls with bells

Kitten Toy Bag

cat laser toy

Laser Light

Cat Laser Toy

Cat Toy Tunnel

Cat Toy Tunnel

Number 1 favorite toy

Kong Active

Toy cockroach

Toy Cockroach

Cat ball toy

Ball Toy

Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong Balls

Cat Senses

#3.5 favorite toy

#3 is the mice but these balls are right there with the mice ;)

Rainbow Balls

kittens mice.jpg

Kittens #1 Favorite toy

Cat tunnel.jpg

Cat Tunnel

Cat Tunnel

Window Bed

Crinkle ball

#2 favorite toy


Light up ball for 

cat scratcher


Kitten Tree

Cat Tree


Haven't tried it but I have it :)

Cat Playhouse

Large Cat Tree,

I have 2 of these setup :)

Window Bed

Window Bed, love this one

Long Cat Bed---

Girls Favorite

Kitten/Cat Bed

Boys Favorite

Cat Bed

Cat Dish tray

cat food dish

Cat Dish

Cat Water/food Dish

cat scratch up

Cat Scratch Pad


Cat Scratcher

I command strip these to the ground

Cat Tall Scartcher

cat brush

Cat Brush

Cat Comb

Lint Brush

Lint Brush

used for cat tree

Lint Brush

we use on clothes & couches

lint roller

Bundle Lint Roller

For any cat hair that may get on you. Typically buying a bundle is a better deal.

Cat water dish,

 secondary water dish

cat dish filter

Water Dish Replacement Filters

Calming Cat

I used these, 2 of them when I first introduced the new cats to my older cats.

cat water dish

Cat Water Dish

Cat Can Lid,

fits big cans and small cans

Food Bowl Mat

I use this under the food dish, helps keep all the the food in one location.

Water dish Mat

Pet Bowl Mat

I use this under the water dish, helps keep it a bit dry, as Maine Coons really like to play in water.

Water Bowl Mat

cat food
cat treats

Cat Treats

Cat treats

Dry Kitten Food

I typically buy the 16lb bag.

cat liter dr elseys

Cat Litter

Cat Scoop

Cat Scoop

cat liter mat

Small Cat Liter Mat

Large Cat liter mat

Large Cat Liter Mat

Small Cat Liter Mat


Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Cat Carrier

Kitten Carrier

Kitten play pin

Keep cats off counter & tree

Refill for it

I used these, 2 of them when I first introduced the new cats to my older cats.

Calming Cat


Immune Support

I love this stuff, its a must have.

Claw withdraw

I use this on anything the kitties might chew or scratch, like my Iphone cord.  I use this with a paper towel on the strings that hold up the window seats, and on any cord.  

Cat Harness 

we have used this on the big cats

Small Cat Carrier for kittens on airline


Hooded Corner Cat Litter Pan


Flea Treament


Dental Treats

smaller box.JPG

Litter box kittens are using before leaving us


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