Updated as of April 2022

 Please see our FAQ section on how to get one.

We have do not have any kittens at this time. 

We won't have another litter of kittens born again till possible around the fall of 2022

All the mating pairs on the Home Page will be updated to Mated, and also Due in, once we know for sure a female is pregnant :) this is up to date as of April 2022

We also have 1 retired female cat that is (reserved),

Please see the Retired Maine Coon section

  --RETIRED----Orsolla  of FluffyGiants -- 
- Fixed- and she is (adopted) - 

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 05 Feburary, 2017

Color: White (w62)

Sire: CH. Bruti. En

Dame: I. Ch. Bess 

Imported from Surgut, Russia

Registered: TICA, CFA, AFC,