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To read all the updates please see our facebook page. I  herniated 2 disc in my lower back end of Oct, and since then I have been unable to email, update, or add new content to the website.  I will be trying to respond to emails, and updating the site over the next for months, and we will restart breeding end of summer.
Thank you all for your continued patiences.

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Hello :) 
Note from the breeder.
I try to keep the home page up-to-date with all the matings, however, please keep in mind that not all matings are successful, and we won't usually know for about a month after a mating if it was.

Mating in = As soon as female goes into heat she will be mated (month shows what month she will be mated in.

Mated in = Has been mated, waiting to see if it was successful, month shown is the month she was mated in.

Due in = Female is pregnant and due to have kittens, in the month shown.

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