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Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 27 Dec, 2019



WCF Color:  Black Smoke  (ns )

Sire: Paradis

Dame: Kelly 

Imported from  Tula, Russia

Registered: WCF, TICA & CFA




Rosalina has

been tested for:


SMA - N/N 

PK Def - N/N

Spayed & up to date
on Shots

She has been (Adopted)  

Rosalina's Parents

     Rosalina is a very sweet and timid kitty who loves wet food and to be petted on.   She was a direct import from Russia and has never had any kittens, (we tried mating her but it never took). 

Her breeder in Russia "didn't have enough time for all of her kitties," so Rosalina was not handled as a kitten and as a result doesn't like to be picked up much. (We have been working on her and she will now tolerate being picked up/held for about 30 secs before wanting down, whereas it was 0 at one point.) She is a work in progress.   We feed her a mixture of wet and dry food; Rosalina had very bad stomatitis* when we got her from Russia and had to have all of her teeth removed. 

Rosalina does know her name and will come when called. She loves to follow you around the house and can be very talkative if she thinks there is food nearby.   Rosalina loves to be pampered, pet and spoiled- just not so much picked up!

She will lay either next to you or half on your lap and fall asleep while getting petted. However, any loud noise can/will startle her and she will run about 2-3 feet away to investigate from a distance before coming back for more attention.   

We do not own dogs, so we are not sure how she will be around them, so we prefer a home with no dogs, she does get along with other cats, however we prefer no more than one other cat household as we want her to be pampered, and you must have patience for her to come out of her shell

    If you would like to be considered for Rosalina's furrever home, please fill out her Retired MC application detailed below and email the filled-out copy to me. 

  She is available to move onto her furrever home now, however, her furrever home needs to have lots of love and patience for her.



CH. Paradise




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