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Kittens are here

I am so excited we finally have kittens born, it seems like forever sense we had any kittens. Moving has been quite stressful for everyone. All 7, yes 7 are doing very good. Gwen has been a wonderful mother to them, it was quite a delivery of them, she started around 1 am, and had a kitten around every 30 minutes or so, it did seem that she was done around 4:30 in the morning, as an hour had gone by without any contractions, and she had done just a wee bit of cleaning herself, and was resting nicely. My daughter and I decided that we might go ahead now and rest a bit soon as my head neared my pillow, Gwen started growling, and then let out a loud howl, I rushed over and low and behold she started pushing out another baby kitty....about another hour and a half later, she does the same thing :). So we ended up with 7 beautiful baby kittens.

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