Sex:  Female

Date of Birth: 21 December, 2016

TICAColor: Red Brindle with white d23 09

CFA color: Red Mac Tabby

Sire:  T.G.Ch  Ewald

Dame:  Ch. Daniela

Imported from Moscow, Russia

Registered: TICA, ACFA &  CFA 

Bently has been

tested for:


SMA - N/N 

PK Def - N/N

Bently is a sweet cat with a playful, but kind personality. She loves attention, and gets lonely easily. Bently purrs very loudly, and has a high-pitched, distinctive meow. We can see she is going to be a beautiful queen.

Bently's Parents

T.G.Ch. Ewald


Ch. Daniela



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